For a stable income, you need to constantly bring new customers.


Customer support

You provide technical support to new customers. We will help you initiate a process and answer all your questions.


Monthly income

Help customers you have connected and get the half of their monthly fee for using our program.

What we provide

  • Week-long training course in the Poster employee's training methodology.
  • Personal Poster Account Manager.
  • Access to the customer’s payments information.
  • Samples for an advertising campaign in your area.
  • Participation in regular private training webinars.

Partnership terms

Passing the compulsory test that confirms your Poster knowledge after our training.

After the 3rd month of cooperation, we set a minimum connection plan — 2 customers per month.

If the plan is not implemented, next month the reward percentage will be reduced to 40%. If you connected ten or more customers within a month, next month the reward percentage will increase to 60%.

The annual dealer fee is $200.

Forbidden: using a Google AdWords, Yandex.Direct and other paid advertising services and creating websites or pages with similar content to with SEO promotion without Poster approval.

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