How to set up Xero integration and sync sales

How to set up Xero integration and sync sales

Integration with Poster allows you to export sales from Poster to Xero.

Connecting Poster to Xero

To connect the integration, go to Poster management console and click All applications at the bottom of the side menu. Find Xero application and click Install. You then have to grant access to your data in your Poster and Xero account.

After the installation you will be redirected to Xero application in Poster.

Initial setup

Go to your Poster management console, click Xero at the bottom of the side menu and then click Settings in the top menu. You can manage all the integration settings here.

  1. Select an account in Xero where all product sales totals will be sent to. A sales account is usually called  “Revenue”.

  2. Optionally, set the Export rules to assign sales by categories to the different Xero accounts. The final revenue by accounts you will see in the Account Transactions Report.

  3. Match tax rates in your Poster account to corresponding tax rates in Xero.

  4. Specify one account in Xero for each individual payment type in Poster, otherwise your payments will not be added to the invoice.

  5. Click Save.

☝️ Poster tax percent should be equal to Xero tax percent, otherwise there will be a discrepancy of sum earned per shift between Xero and Poster.

☝️ Poster will send your payment totals to Xero for each payment type your location receives. For all sales per shift, we will total the amount and send all payments together.

Sales sync

All your sales from Poster will be exported to one invoice: 

• If you are using cash shifts in Poster, sales will be exported immediately after you close the cash shift. 

• If you don’t use cash shifts, we will export sales once a day. Sales per shift will be grouped by product. For example, if during one shift you had two different orders with 2 and 3 cans of soda, they will be exported as a group of sodas with 5 products.

You can track the status of all created invoices in Poster management console in XeroExport.

For your convenience, even if you have several locations in one Poster account, each location's sales will be exported in a single invoice. 

If you match Xero payment account with Poster payment methods, payment will be added to the invoice and it will be approved and closed automatically. There is no need to enter data manually.

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