How to control sales in Poster Boss application from your smartphone

How to control sales in Poster Boss application from your smartphone

Poster Boss is free application, where you can track sales reports, control stock in storages and balances in your accounts.

💡 Download application on your iOS or Android phone to manage your business from all around the world and work with reports online. 

☝️ Only owner or manager with the full access to the management console can control the work of the restaurant from the Poster Boss.

To control sales in Poster Boss application from your smartphone:

  1. Launch Poster Boss application on your smartphone.

  2. Write Poster subdomain, this is the name of your location in Poster.

  3. Enter your email and password, that you’ve created during signing up. You can check it Poster welcome email.

  4. Click Log in.

  5. In the bottom of the screen select:

Sales to view revenue, profit, average check amount, amount of transactions and visitors;

Statistics to open sales reports by categories, waiters, spots, products, payments;

Finance to check balances of your accounts, latest transactions and cash shifts. You can also add new expenses or incomes from the smartphone;

Receipts to analyze receipts amount, all discounts, payment methods and profit;

Storage to check amount of products and ingredients in stock and make purchases on time.

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