How to create and use a website with Poster Shop

How to create and use a website with Poster Shop

With Poster Shop’s website builder, you can easily start accepting orders online from your customers for takeaway and delivery. All of the necessary information is automatically uploaded from your Poster account so that you can start selling right away. 

Setting up your website

To create a website in Poster Shop:

  1. Go to the App Marketplace in the management console.
  2. Find the Poster Shop application and click Connect.
  3. Choose one of the website templates Quick service or Restaurant and click Create site.

☝️ The “Restaurant” version doesn’t include the shopping cart tool for online orders.

Before you start taking orders, you should prepare a menu and fill out descriptions of products and its modifiers which you’re going to sell on your site.

To set up your site:

  1. Open the Catalogue → Categories tab in the Poster Shop management console.

  2. Deactivate the Show in menu option next to the categories that aren't available for online ordering.

  3. Go to the Catalogue → Products tab and click Edit next to the products for which you would like to edit names, add pictures or change prices.

☝️ Product names, pictures and prices changed in Poster Shop will not be changed in the Poster management console.

💡 Upload images in JPG, PNG format up to 5 MB and with a resolution of 700 × 500 pixels.


To change the look of your website, you can customize its design in the editor mode in Poster Shop. To do this:

• Go to the Design → Colors tab and select a main theme and different shades for the fonts on your site

• Go to the Pages → Main page tab and click Add slide to share more information about your business on your homepage

Working with online orders

When customers make orders on your website, your staff will see a red notification on the POS terminal, showing the number of pending orders.

💡 If you work with Poster Delivery, you can save time taking online orders. They will immediately appear on the POS with the Delivery type. The client's address will already be filled in his card and printed on the receipt, which you will give to the courier along with the order.

To take an online order through the point of sale:

  1. Go to the Orders tab in the top left corner of your POS and choose Online status.

  2. Select an order, check it and click Accept.

    ☝️ If a client makes an order for the first time, Poster will automatically create a profile for them and add it to the “Online Orders” group.
  3. If you’re using a floor plan, you’ll have to assign a table to the order.

  4. Continue to work with an online order like with a regular order. You can send orders to the kitchen, apply promotions, etc.

☝️ For the time being, it’s not possible for your customers to pay online. Payments will have to be processed upon delivery.

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