How to accept online payments in Poster Shop with Stripe

How to accept online payments in Poster Shop with Stripe

For your customers to be able to pay for orders with a card on your Poster Shop website, connect the Stripe payment system.

☝️ See if Stripe is available in your country. Don’t forget to check the percentage of commission for Internet acquiring service.

To accept payments in Poster Shop using Stripe:

  1. Log in to your Stripe Dashboard or create a new account in the payment service.
  2. Open the Developers → API keys tab and in the Standard keys block, copy the token in the Publishable key field.
  3. Log into the management console of your website. To do that, in the Poster management console, click on Значок современного меню для мобильных приложений и веб-сайтов  in the upper left corner and select Poster Shop.
  4. Open the Settings → Billing tab and enable card payments.
  5. In the Publishable key field, paste the token you copied in Stripe.
    ☝️ Do not close the management console tab of your Poster Shop.
  6. Return to your Stripe Account, click Reveal live key token in the Secret key field and copy the token.
  7. Go to the Poster Shop management console and insert the Stripe token in the Secret key field.
  8. Press Save.

Now, on your Poster Shop website, the users can choose a card payment method, and a paid online order will be sent to the POS terminal and the Poster management console.

To view new online orders, keep track of their preparation and delivery, work with the list of orders on the POS terminal.

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