How to connect a cash box

How to connect a cash box

If cash box is connected to Epson TM-T20II, XP-Q260II and Sam4S Ellix 50DB thermal printers, they could be opened with the key or automatically. 

To connect a cash box:

  1. Turn on the connected printer to the 220V network and press the power button.

  2. Connect the cash box to the printer with an RJ-12 cable.

  3. Open Poster POS application and enter waiter’s PIN-code.

  4. Click in the upper right corner and select Devices.

  5. Select printer from the list and turn on the Cashbox switcher in Settings.

  6. Go to Stations section and click Print IP.

💡 If you need to open the cash box without printing the receipt, you can open it manually on the register.

To open the cash box:

  1. Click in the upper right corner of the register.

  2. Select Open cashbox in the Equipment part.

☝️ If your printer or cash box is not from the list of recommended models, write to chat and our team will check their characteristics.

To put or withdraw money from the cash box, create a transaction on the register.

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