How to configure card payment processing via Worldpay (formely Vantiv)

The integration with Worldpay payment processor (US only) allows you to connect your bank terminal directly to Point of Sale and take card payments faster.

The integration works on iOS 11+ tablets with Ingenico iPP350 terminal connected via Ethernet interface.

To configure the payment processor in Poster, first obtain your account credentials from Worldpay processor: Terminal ID, Acceptor ID, Account ID, Account Token. The details would usually be sent to you by email. If you do not have this information please contact the processor.

  1. Connect Ingenico iPP350 terminal by LAN cable to the router;
  2. Connect your iPad to the Wi-Fi of the same router and log in to the POS App;
  3. Click on the three stripes menu button in the right upper corner of the screen and press on Devices option.
  4. Find Vantiv and enter your credentials in the fields. Press Enter.

The device will appear as authorized:

Now, once the device is connected, you can make a test payment by card:

  1. Open a test receipt on POS;
  2. Add any product or dish to the order and press the green button Pay;
  3. Choose Card method of payment and you will see a pop-up window “Make payment”

The total amount of the order will be shown on the bank terminal screen where you can put your card to make the payment. You can also use EMV chip or magnetic stripe.

The order is closed automatically if the payment is made successfully. If a card was not charged successfully, you would see an error message on the POS screen, in this case, repeat the payment attempt.

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