How-to connect Epson TM-T20II

Contact us and we will configure the automatic IP address obtaining.

To connect Epson TM-T20II Ethernet:

1. Connect the printer to the power and turn it on by pressing the button.
2. Insert the paper roll into the printer and slide its free end outward. Close the printer lid.
3. Plug the cable into a LAN-port router and wait until the green and orange LEDs will light up.
4. Connect the tablet to the Wi-Fi network of the router which is connected to the printer.
5. Launch the Poster app and enter the waiter’s PIN-code.
6. Click the three stripes menu button at the upper right corner of the screen and click Devices.
7. Select the printer from the list and what it will print:
Receipts if this is a receipt printer;
Station, where the printer will print tickets. For example, "Bar" or "Kitchen".
8. Select Print IP to print a test receipt.
9. Click Done to save the settings.

☝️To print tickets and receipts, make sure the printer and tablet are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

💡If you connect several printers at the same time, find devices by IP address. To do this, select Print IP in the LAN printer search window. On test receipts, you’ll see the devices parameters. That will help you to find the needed printers from the equipment list.

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