How to log in to the POS

How to log in to the POS

POS is a working place of your waiter or cashier. To log in your POS and start sales, download the app for iOS, Android, Windows and MacOS or work in Google Chrome on your computer or laptop.

To log in to your POS: 

  1. Run Poster app on your tablet or computer.

  2. Enter POS login

  3. Enter POS password

  4. Press Enter

  5. Enter your PIN.

💡 You can find and change your POS password in management console. Go to Access → Registers and press Edit near your POS.  

☝️ Your login, password and PIN could be found in email we’ve sent to you right after registration. If you don’t remember it, just text us. 

Now take an order and make your first sale with Poster POS.  

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