How to create a Poster POS account

How to create a Poster POS account

To automate the work of your location, fill up registration form on our website and work free for the first 15 days.

To create an account in Poster POS:

  1. Go to the Poster website and click Try for free in right upper corner.

  2. In Business name field enter the name of your place.

  3. Choose type of business: cafe, restaurant or shop.

  4. Choose country and enter your name, email and contact phone number.

  5. Enter password, which you’ll use to log in management console.

  6. Click Try for free.  

💡 If you haven’t opened your place yet, enter temporary name. You could change it later.

💪 If you have any questions left, message us and our support team will help you.  

Before you start working with Poster, we recommend you to complete a little guide and make a test sale on POS. You’ll see how easy to work with Poster.


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