How to view delivery orders reports

How to view delivery orders reports

To keep track of your couriers’ work and analyze the income delivery generates for your location, view reports by order type, as well as average service time.

To view delivery orders reports:

  1. Go to Reports → Sales in your management console.

  2. In the Order types section you can see the delivery orders ratio, their turnover and the number of orders.

  3. In the Payment methods section you can see how your customers paid for their orders most often: in cash, by card or through delivery aggregators.

To learn which dishes are more popular for Dine-in and Delivery:

  1. Go to Reports → Categories in the management console.
  2. Click on the category’s name, and Poster will generate a sales report chart by order types.

To view more information on couriers’ work:

  1. Go to Reports → Employees → Couriers.
  2. For each of your couriers you can view the number of orders and their total amounts, the total and average delivery time, as well as any delays they had. 

💡 By default, we have set a 60-minute service time standard for delivery orders in the tab Settings → Delivery. This is the time from taking an order to its delivery to the customer. If an order takes more time, you will be able to see the delay time.

To analyze delivery delays and service quality:

  1. Go to Reports → Receipts.

  2. Click + Filter and choose delivery orders, areas and couriers. For example, Order type → Deliveries, Delivery area → Main, Courier → Peter, Maria, John.

  3. In the top right corner click to choose the columns you want to see in reports: Order type, Courier, Time spent in “New”, Cooking time (if you send tickets to the kitchen), Time spent in “Ready”Time spent en route, Total service timePayment type, Area and Delivery cost.

  4. Click Details ▼ at the bottom of the table to see the gross revenue for delivery.

💡 Seeing how long the order was in the “Ready” status in the tabs Reports → Receipts and Reports → Employees → Couriers will help you understand how long orders are packed and how long the couriers did not pick up the prepared dishes from their locations.

For your cashiers to be able to work with orders paid for on delivery service websites, you can add additional payment types.

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