How to check customer statistics

How to check customer statistics

To control your revenue, average receipt and amount of sales per each customer, check customers statistics.

To check customers statistics:

  1. Go to Statistics → Customers in the management console.

  2. Click on the calendar in the right upper corner and choose a period of report.

  3. Choose group from drop-down list to sort customers by point-based and discount-based groups.

  4. Click + Filter to segment your customer base and view analytics by geography and demographics, number and amount of average receipt, order types and payment methods, date of customer profiles creation and last purchase, loyalty groups, personal discounts and bonuses.

  5. Check contacts, amount and sum of average receipt, payment method, and profit.

  6. Click on the column title you want to sort the data analytics.

  7. Click on ⿲ Columns, to enable different statistics columns: date of creation, birthday, sex, group, email, address, comment, personal discounts and bonuses, last purchase date, payment methods, and the amount of delivery orders. 

💡 Press Export, to download Excel spreadsheet with purchase statistics or press Print to print report.

💡 To check how often customer attends your location and what products does he usually buy, press on the customer’s name to check sales diagram based on customer purchases.  

☝️ If you delete point-based or discount-based group in Marketing → Customer groups, customer purchases will stay in customer statistics.  

The fastest way to add customers in Poster is to make an import of customers base.   

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