What are a book and actual balances in cash shifts

To find the reasons for the discrepancies between a book and actual amounts of money in the cash drawer, view all transaction for each cash shift in the management console.

To view cash shift indicators:

  1. Open the tab Finances → Cash shifts in the management console.

  2. Click the calendar icon at the upper right corner and choose accounting period.

  3. Open the cash shift to view transactions and shift indicators.

💡 The Book balance and Actual balance in the cash shift show a planned and actual amount of money in the cash drawer.

The Book balance is the amount of money that must be in the cash drawer at the end of the shift. Poster will calculate it basing on the balance in the cash drawer at the beginning of the shift, transactions and orders that were paid in cash.

The Actual balance is the amount of money in the cash drawer that the waiter enters when closing the cash shift.
Earnings (cash) and earnings (non-cash) are the sums of closed orders that were paid with these payment methods.

☝️ Non-cash revenue doesn`t taken into account in the book balance calculation.

Indicators Incomes, Expenses and Collections correspond to the transactions that waiters or cashiers created on the register.

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