What is expected and actual balance in cash shifts

What is expected and actual balance in cash shifts

In the management console, you can check money movement in each cash shift to find out reasons for the difference between expected and actual money balance in the cash box.  

To check metrics of cash shift: 

  1. Go to Finances → Cash shifts in the management console. 

  2. Click on the calendar in the right upper corner and choose period of the report

  3. Click on the cash shift to check transactions and cash shift metrics.  

 💡 Expected balance and Actual balance in cash shift show the expected and actual sum of cash in the cash box. 

Expected balance is a sum which should be in the cash box at the end of the shift. It is based on the balance at the start of the shift, transactions, and receipts which are paid with cash. 

Actual balance is a sum of cash in the cash box after the end of the cash shift, this sum is entered by a waiter or cashier at the moment of cash shift finishing.

Cash and cashless revenue is a sum of receipts closed with payment methods.   

☝️ Sum of cashless revenue is not accounted in expected balance. Rates Expenses, Incomes, and Safes drop shows transactions which were created by waiters or cashiers on the POS

💡 There is a red indicator in the Start of shift column which shows the difference between cash balance in cash box after a safe drop and the sum of starting change cash balance of the next day shift. It helps to control change cash movement in the cash box.  

Shifts which expected balance is different with actual balance marks with red color. To make expected balance equal actual, edit transactions in cash shift.  



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