How to work with cash shifts on the register

Use cash shifts to control the cash flow in the location. This feature helps to view all the expense and income transactions that waiters or cashiers added on the register.

To start a cash shift:

  1. Run the Poster app on the tablet.

  2. Enter the employee PIN-code.

  3. Click at the upper right corner of the screen and click Open shift.

  4. Enter the beginning cash balance.

During the day, the waiter or cashier works on the register and makes sales as usual.

☝️ Before the cash shift closure, collect the revenue and leave money in the cash drawer for exchange.

💡 To make a collection, put or take cash from the cash drawer you need to add a transaction on the register.

To close the cash shift:

  1. Click the three stripes menu button at the upper right corner of the screen and click Finish cashbox shift.

  2. Count the remaining money in the cash drawer and enter the sum.

  3. Click Done.

☝️ If there are open orders on the register, you can’t close the cash shift. You need to close all orders, make a collection and then close the shift.

Or,  go to the tab Settings → Security and untick the box Prohibit closing the register shift if there are open orders at the register.

To view all transactions that you added on the register, monitor the cash shifts in the management console.

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