How to work with cash shifts on the POS

How to work with cash shifts on the POS

Use cash shifts to control cash movements in your location. With this feature, you can see all income and expense transactions which were made by your waiters or cashiers on the POS. 

To open a cash shift: 

  1. Log in your POS on a tablet or computer. 

  2. Enter employee’s PIN code

  3. Tap in the right upper corner and tap Open shift

  4. In Balance field enter the sum of the change in cashbox оn the beginning of the day.  

During the shift waiter or cashier works on the POS and make sales as usual. 

💡 Check movements of money in every cash shift in the management console, to find out the reasons of the difference between expected cash balance and actual cash balance in the cashbox.

To check cash shift metrics: 

  1. Go to Finances → Cash shifts in the management console. 

  2. Click on the calendar in the right upper corner and choose the period of the report

  3. Click on the cash shift to check transactions and shift metrics.  

☝️ Make a safe drop of daily revenue before finishing cash shift and leave change for the next cash shift.  

💡 To make a safe drop, income or expense cash from the cashbox, make a transaction on the POS

To finish a cash shift: 

  1. Tap  in the right upper corner and choose Finish cash shift

  2. Recount cash in the cashbox and enter this sum in Balance after safe drop field. 

  3. Tap Done

☝️ You can’t finish cash shift if there are oper receipts left. In this case, you need to close receipts and make a safe drop. Only after that you can finish the cash shift. Also, you can go to Settings → Security and uncheck Prohibit closing the register shift if there are open orders at the register

Control cash shifts in the management console to see transactions which were made on the POS.



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