How to add a transaction in the management console

Transactions are money movements around your accounts. For example, party prepayment is an income, payment of utilities is an expense, and the cash drawer collection is a transfer between accounts.

Add transactions to control all income and expenses in your location.

To add a transaction in the management console:

  1. Open the tab Finances Transactions in the management console.

  2. Click + at the upper right corner.

  3. Select the operation type: Expense, Income or Transfer.

  4. Enter the transaction sum.

  5. Select the account and category.

  6. Specify the date and time and write a comment.

  7. Click Add.

💡 To view all transactions, go to the tab Finance → Transactions.

☝️ You can edit transactions that were added from the register in the tab Finance → Cash shifts. To do this, click the cash shift to view expense and income transactions.

View expenses and income for each category of transactions in the financial report.

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