How to set up the payroll calculation

Keep records of employees' payroll in Poster. To do this, configure the staff time tracking, choose the method of paying, and view sums to pay to your employees.

The payroll calculation is available in Business and Pro tariffs only.

Configure the staff time tracking

Configure the staff time tracking to set a fixed rate per hour/ shift/ month, and percentage of sales.

To set up staff time tracking:

  1. Go to the section Settings → General.

  2. At the Management settings check Staff time tracking.  

  3. Click Save.

☝️ If you don’t configure the staff time tracking, the payroll will be calculated by a fixed monthly rate, shift with at least one paid order, and percentage of personal sales.

Choose how you will pay

Choose one or more payroll calculating methods depending on the employee position.

To choose a payroll calculating method:

  1. Open the tab Access → Positions and click Edit next to one of them.

  2. Add a position or click Edit next to existing one.

  3. At the Payroll calculation specify the fixed rate: per hour/shift/month.  

  4. To take into account the percentage of sales, specify this in the Payroll calculation:

— Personal, to account the employee % of sale;

— Per shift, to account the % of total cash shift sales.

     4. Click Save.

☝️ Assign positions to employees to payroll.
To do this, open the tab Access → Employees, add an employee or click Edit next to the employee's name. Select the position and access to the register and management console from the drop-down list.

View sums to pay to your employees

View the time worked, the number of shifts, the percentage of sales and the totals to pay to employees.

To view sums to pay to your employees::

  1. Open the tab Finances → Salary in the management console.

  2. Click the calendar icon at the upper right corner of the screen and select the period of time for payroll.

  3. Select employees or positions to view: 

    — monthly rate;
    — the time worked;
    — shifts;
    — % of sales;
    — totals.
  4. View the Total sum to pay to your employees for a specified period of time.

💡 An employee payroll is calculated by the formula:

Monthly rate/number of days in the month × days worked.

For example, if an employee with fixed monthly rate $1000 had worked from February 15th to March 4th. Poster calculates the payroll as:

($1000 / 28 × 14) + ($1000 / 31 × 4) = $500 + $129,03 = $629,03.

☝️ The tab Finance → Salary appears in the management console after selecting the payroll method in the tab Access → Positions.

Monitor the time worked statistics by each employee.

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