How to add an additional financial account

How to add an additional financial account

We have three default accounts to manage finances in Poster: cash, bank and account for safe drops.

Cash account is an account for cash you keeps in your cash box. Revenue automatically enroll in cash box after closing receipts with cash payment method.

Bank account will receive all of the revenue from receipts closed by card.

Create a safe drop transaction to transfer daily revenue from Cash account to Account for safe drops to leave only change money for the next day.  

All of these accounts are bound to your location. Cash, bank revenue and safe drops will be automatically enrolled to these account after Cash register shifts are closed.

To add additional financial account:

  1. Go to Finances → Accounts in management console.

  2. Click on Add.

  3. Enter account name.

  4. Choose currency and account type: bank account, bank card or cash.

  5. In Beginning balance field enter your actual money balance at the moment.  

  6. Click Save.

☝ If you want your revenue to be put to additional accounts after you close the cash shift, remember to tie them to a location.
To do that open Access → Locations, click on Edit next to the needed location, and in the Finance section match your bank account, cash account and your account for safe drops to the accounts you have created.

☝️ If you’ve deleted an account, all transactions of this account will be deleted as well.  

To account expenses, incomes and transfers between accounts, add transaction categories.

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