How to set up payroll accounting

How to set up payroll accounting

Use payroll accounting to calculate your employees salaries in Poster. Set up staff time tracking, enter payroll calculation and you’ll be able to check the payroll.

Payroll accounting is available in Business and Pro pricing plan.

Setting up a staff time tracking

You can use staff time tracking to set fixed rate per hour, shift, month and percentage of personal sales or sales per shift.  

To start a staff time tracking:

  1. Go to Settings → General in management console.

  2. In Management settings section check the Staff time tracking checkbox.

  3. Press Save

☝️ You can use payroll accounting without setting up a staff time tracking but in this case salary will be added only per worked month or per shift with at least one closed receipt. Fixed rate for hour will be unavailable.

Setting a payroll calculation

Choose one or more payroll methods for each employee position.

To set the payroll calculation:

  1. Go to Access → Positions in management console.

  2. Add position or edit an existing.

  3. In Payroll calculation section enter a fixed rate for this position. You can use per hour, per shift or per month rate at once.

  4. Press Save.

💡 Enter a percentage of sales in Payroll calculation section to use it in Payroll:

Personal % from employee sales.

Per shift % from all of the sales during the cash shift. 

☝️ Don’t forget to set Positions for employees to account a salary.

Go to Access → Employees add an employee or edit an existing. Choose the position and access level from drop-down list in Position section.   

Checking the Payroll

Check hours, shifts, percents of sales and total salary of your employees.  

To check the payroll:

  1. Go to Finances → Payroll in management console.

  2. Choose a payroll period in the right upper corner.

  3. Choose the employees or the positions from drop-down list to check the fixed rates, shifts and hours worked, sales percents and total salary.

  4. The Total in the lower part of page will show the sum which should be paid to your employees in the selected period.    

💡 Payroll account method is:

monthly fixed rate / days in month × days worked.

For example, your employee worked with $1000 fixed rate from 15th of February till 4th of March. Poster will calculate it like this:

($1000 / 28 × 14) + ($1000 / 31 × 4) = $500 + $129,03 = $629,03.

☝️ Finances → Payroll will be available in management console after you’ll set the payroll calculation in Access → Positions.

You can also control your Waiters sales statistics.

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