How to account taxes

How to account taxes

Set up taxes and apply them to your dishes and products to take account of taxes from sold goods in Poster.

Setting up taxes

Set up taxes to choose the tax percentage and apply them to the goods.

To set up taxes:

  1. Go to SettingsGeneral in your management console.

  2. In the Management settings section check Use taxes.

  3. Save your progress.

💡 Here in Poster we have two types of taxes: Value-added and On turnover. Use them to account the total price of the dishes and products with tax included.

Product’s price with VAT calculates as follows:  price with VAT = price without tax × (1 + tax percent / 100).

Sum of On turnover tax is already included to the product price and calculates as follows:

On turnover tax = price × tax percent / 100.

☝️ Tax sum would account of total receipt sum with discount.

Applying taxes to dishes and products

You should apply taxes to dishes and products to print them in the fiscal receipts.

To apply tax to product or dish:

  1. Go to MenuProducts/Dishes in management console.

  2. Find the dish or product you need and press Edit.

  3. In Tax field choose your tax from drop-down list.

  4. Save your progress.

💡 In order not to apply taxes to all of your dishes and products manually, apply them to the whole Menu category.

To do this go to Menu → Products and dish categories and press Edit near category you need. In Tax field choose your tax from drop-down list. It will be applied to all of the dishes from this category.  

☝️ You still need to add tax manually to all of products and dishes from the Top screen.

You can create an additional taxes to account all other taxes that you need.

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