How to withdraw funds for supplies from bookkeeping account

How to withdraw funds for supplies from bookkeeping account

If you want Poster to create an expense transaction for the cost of items when adding a supply, in the Payment field, click + Add payment and select the Account from which to pay for the supply.

The transaction will be added in the Finances → Transactions tab with the category “Supplies”.

☝️ If you select the “Cash drawer” account to write off the money for supplies, an expense transaction for the supply amount will be added to the cash shift.

💡 Next to the Account field, you can edit the amount of payment for the supply:

• if you work with suppliers on credit terms. For example, pay for the delivery in part or enter “0”, and Poster will automatically calculate the balance of the debt;

• to divide the supply amount between different financial accounts.
To do this, after editing the payment amount, click + Add payment again and fill in the information about each transaction: Account, Payment Date, Time, Amount.

💡 To check mutual settlements with suppliers, in the Inventory → Supplies tab, view the statuses of supplies Paid, Unpaid and amounts in the Payment due column.

To pay off the debt, opposite the unpaid supply, click Edit and add a payment in the Payment field. After that, the amount will be automatically adjusted in the Finances → Transactions and Finances → Cash shifts tabs.

View the total amount of supplies for each supplier and the amount you owe to them in the Inventory → Suppliers tab.

In order to check the balance of products in stock and find out the difference in amount and money, run an inventory check.

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