How to add transactions categories

How to add transactions categories

Transactions categories are all of the expenses, incomes and transfers between accounts you have. For example, the categories “Rent”, “Labour cost”, “Supplies” are expenses, and “Banquet service” category is an income.  

To add a transactions category:

  1. Go to Finances → Categories in the management console.

  2. Press Add.

  3. Enter category name. For example, “Rent”.

  4. In Parent category choose Main level.

  5. Choose allowed transactions for this category: Expenses or Income.

  6. Press Save

💡 Create transactions subcategories to detail your expenses. For example, utility bills is a parent category and electricity, wastes, water supplies and heating are subcategories. To do it choose “Utility bills” instead of Main level in Parent category box.   

Add transactions to control your incomes and expenses.

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