How to change the food cost

How to change the food cost

You can’t change the food cost when you’re editing products or dishes.

Poster automatically calculates the food cost. It’s based on the supplies and stock.

To correct mistakes to the cost of an ingredient, edit the corresponding supplies in an open inventory period. The cost for this ingredient will change with each subsequent delivery from your supplier on a weighted average basis.

☝️ The cost of ingredients and products is averaged from your last inventory check to the next full inventory check. If you indicate the actual balance during an inventory check, its cost will be averaged with the new supplies in another period.

💡 If you don’t want the food cost to be averaged, run an inventory check. Enter 0 in the Act. balance column and add supplies of the ingredients with the actual price.

The food cost of manufactured dishes and preparations will be recalculated with the average food cost method after new manufactures of these dishes and preparations.


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