How to make a partial inventory check

How to make a partial inventory check

Inventory check is usually made with all of the ingredients on the storage at the same time. To make an inventory check of several ingredients, products or dishes, make a partial inventory check. 

☝🏻 Make partial inventory check in one browser tab, don’t double them. 

To make a partial inventory check: 

  1. Go to Inventory → Inventory check in the management console. 

  2. Click Open near current inventory check on the storage you need. 

  3. Select all boxes in the Expected balance column and copy them with Ctrl + C

  4. Paste copied data in Actual balance with Ctrl + V

  5. Change stock of the ingredients which you want to check in the Actual balance column. 

  6. Click on Make an inventory check

💡 If you’re using manufacturing, copy Expected balance column and fill up Actual balance column in the Manufacture tab.  

If you made a mistake when checking your expected inventory balance, you can edit your inventory check. To do that, go to InventoryInventory checks and press View next to a completed inventory check, then press Edit inside it. Enter the actual inventory balance and run an inventory check.

☝️ Only one inventory check can be edited at the same time for each storage location.

To make an inventory check on your storage, print the inventory checklist


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