How to add supply in the management console

How to add supply in the management console

Add supplies to track your stock and ingredients food cost. Before adding supply, create ingredients and products which would be in storage. 

To add a supply: 

  1. Go to Inventory → Supplies in the management console. 

  2. Click Add

  3. Enter date and time of the delivery

  4. Choose existed supplier or create a new one.

  5. Choose storage for supply. 

  6. In Bookkeeping account to withdraw funds field choose account to pay for supply. 

  7. Choose ingredients and products, quantity, price for piece and total amount of supply. 

  8. Click Save.   

💡 To add supply faster, import your supplies.  

💡 Add backdated supplies if they’re the part of the current inventory check. 

☝️ Total amount of supply will be added to the cash shift as expense transaction, if you choose Cashbox as bookkeeping account to withdraw funds

You can add ingredients in packages or boxes. To do this, use pre-ordering units

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