How to run an inventory check

How to run an inventory check

Inventory check helps to keep track of your stock for a chosen period. Poster compares your expected balance with actual balance of ingredients stock in a storage location. As a result of the inventory check you’ll see the difference of balance between stock and difference of balance in money.

To run an inventory check:

  1. Go to Inventory → Inventory checks in the management console.

  2. Click the Add button.

  3. Choose the storage location where you want to run an inventory check.

  4. Choose the period for your inventory check: 

    — Retrospective and indicate the date and time when you calculated the actual balance;
    — Current if you’re doing an inventory check now.
  5. Choose the inventory check type:
    Full if you want to check stock of all the products in a storage location;
    Partial to check stock of specific products or categories. Find them with the help of quick search and tick them.

  6. Click Save.

  7. Fill the Act. balance column. Enter the amount of products and ingredients in stock and Poster will account the difference in money and in stock automatically.
    ☝️ In the Initial balance column you can see the stock based on the previous inventory check, that’s why supplies and deductions are indicated since the last inventory check of each of the products.

  8. Click Run an inventory check.

Stock of products and ingredients will change to the actual balance which you’ve entered.

☝️ Run your inventory check in one tab, don’t duplicate them.

💡 If you’re doing an inventory check and you have manufactured dishes or preparations, enter them in Dishes and preparations tab. Fill up Act. balance so Poster will break stock of preparations and manufactured dishes into ingredients and will show their amount in Act. balance in prepack column.

💡 Fill up the Act. balance column in Manufactures tab If you’re using manufacturing of dishes and preparations.

If you made a mistake when checking your expected inventory balance, you can edit your inventory check. To do that, go to Inventory → Inventory checks, click View next to a completed inventory check, then click Open inventory check and edit. You can now edit supplies, stock deductions, transfers and manufactures that were created before the inventory check. Enter the actual inventory balance and run an inventory check.

☝️ Only one inventory check can be edited at the same time for each storage location.

🗑 In addition, you can delete the last inventory check.

☝️ Only employees with full access to the management console can edit and delete inventory checks.

To find out the reason of differences, check products and ingredients movement in inventory check period:

  1. In the Name and Initial balance columns you can check products and ingredients which have movement in this storage location and their amount in stock.
  2. Click  in Supplies column near product to view supplies and transfers to this storage location.
  3. Click  near Sales column to view sales of products and dishes with this ingredient.
  4. Click  near Wastes column to check manual deductions from the storage.
  5. Expected balance shows the amount of products and ingredients which should be in stock after all sales, wastes and transfers.

To run an inventory check in a storage location print an inventory list.

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