How to make an inventory check

An inventory check shows the expected inventory count of products in the storage for a selected period. Poster compares the book and actual balances in the storage to show the difference between the balances in quantity and money equivalent.

☝️Make an inventory check in a single tab and make sure it’s not duplicated.

To make an inventory check:

  1. Open the tab Inventory → Inventory check in the management console.

  2. Click Open next to the current inventory.

  3. Click the end date of the inventory period at the upper right corner and choose:

— The current time of an inventory check, if you are counting the balances now;

—  In hindsight and enter the date when you counted the actual balance.

      4. Click Apply.

      5. Fill in the Actual Balance column. Enter the amount of products and ingredients in the storage, so              that Poster could automatically calculate the difference in quantity and money equivalent.  

      6.Click Make an inventory check.

After this, Poster will automatically start a new inventory period for this storage. Products and ingredients balances will be changed to the actual ones that you have entered.

💡If at the moment of an inventory check you have already made dishes or preparations, enter their quantity in the Dishes and preparations tab. Fill the Actual balance column and Poster will split the leftovers of already made dishes and preparations into ingredients and displays their quantity in the Actual balance in dishes and preparations column.

💡 If you use manufacture, fill in the Actual balance column in the tab Manufacture.

To find the reasons for the discrepancies, check out the movement of products and ingredients for needed inventory period:

  1. View product and ingredient movements in this storage and their quantity in the Name and Beginning balance columns.

  2. In the Income column, click ▼ button next to the item to see the supplies and movements in this storage.

  3. Click ▼button in the Charges column to see sales of products and dishes that have this ingredient.

  4. Click ▼button in the Waste column to view manual wastes.

  5. View the number of products or ingredients that must be in stock, including all sales, wastes or movements in the Book balance column.

☝️You can’t edit already made inventory checks or supplies, wastes and movements of the previous inventory period. Contact us if you want to delete the previous inventory check.

For a storage inventory check, print out an inventory sheet.

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