What is Manufacture and how-to manufacturing of dishes

Use manufacture if you cook dishes in advance. This function allows you to keep track of the storage balances by preparations and ready-made dishes, not by the ingredients. Manufacture perfectly suits bakeries, pastry shops and canteens.

Before you make the first dish, set up the manufacture in the management console. To do this, open the tab Settings → General and tick Use manufacturing of dishes and preparations.

To make a manufacture:

  1. Open the tab Inventory → Manufactures in the management console.

  2. Click Make a manufacture.

  3. Enter the date and time of manufacture.

  4. Select a storage for keeping manufactured dishes.

  5. Select a dish or preparation you are going to manufacture from the drop-down list.

  6. Enter a quantity. For example, macarons — 25 pcs.

  7. Click Save.

At the moment of manufacture being saved, ingredients for 25 macarons (almond flour, sugar, eggs, pistachios, white chocolate and cream) will be written off from the storage. Now instead of ingredients, there are 25 macarons in the “Kitchen” storage.

View the number of manufactured dishes in the tab Inventory → Ingredients movements.

💡 After the macarons manufacture and their sale on the register, the manufactured dishes will always be written off from the storage, not their ingredients.

If the manufactured macaroons have a negative balance in the tab Inventory → Stock, it means that you sold more than manufactured. Make a new dish manufacture to cover the negative stock in the storage.

💡 The cost price of the manufactured dishes and preparations consists of the cost of their ingredients at the time of manufacture. After next manufactures their cost price will be recalculated by the weighted average method.

☝️ After the first manufacture made in hindsight, the ingredients for its preparation won’t turn into dishes in the program. The following manufactures can be made in hindsight, for example, to cover the negative balance in the storage.

To check the balance of already made dishes and preparations in the storage, make an inventory.

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