How to make manual deductions from the storage

How to make manual deductions from the storage

Products are deducted from the storage automatically when they are sold. If ingredients are expired or should be deductions for a different reason, you can add them to deductions manually.  

To make manual deduction:

  1. Go to Inventory → Stock deductions in the Management console.

  2. Click Add.

  3. Choose the Deduction date and time.

  4. Choose storage.

  5. Choose the reason for your manual deduction of the product or add a new one if it’s not on the list.

  6. Add a comment to detail this reason for deductions from the storage. For example, your reason — create a new recipe, and the comment is a compilation of a summer menu.

  7. Choose the item, put the quantity, and more info.

  8. Click Save.

☝️ You can only make deductions within the current inventory period.

💡 To delete, create or edit reasons for deductions from the storage, go to InventoryStock deductionsReasons for deductions, or click on Manage reasons for deductions when editing deductions. Here you can also analyse the amount and cost of deductions for each of the reasons.

Make an inventory check to review the expected inventory count of products and ingredients together with deductions.

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