How to work with inventory reports on movement of products and ingredients

How to work with inventory reports on movement of products and ingredients

To control stock deduction, you can view ingredients movement for a selected period. It is shown as a spreadsheet with supplies, expenses and average food cost.

To view ingredients and products movement:

  1. Go to Inventory → Ingredients movements in the management console.

  2. Set the reporting period in the calendar in the upper right corner.

  3. Select a storage from the drop-down list to check movements within kitchen, bar or any other storages.

  4. Select the type of products, e.g. ingredients, products or manufactured dishes and preparations.

  5. Choose a category of ingredients, products, dishes or preparations. For example, the type is “Ingredients” and the category is “Seafood”.

  6. Click on next to the product unit in the Supplies column to view its supply amount, production and inventory checks.

  7. Click on in the Expense column to view sales, manual waste, production and inventory checks.

💡 Calculation of products and ingredients food cost is based on supplies and the weighted average cost method.

☝️ Report is displayed for a calendar day, not for a cash shift.

If ingredients are expired or should be written off the stock for a different reason, you can add them to wastes manually.  

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