How to configure write-off by storages

How to configure write-off by storages

Set writing-off rules if there are the same ingredients in different storages of one location. For example, lemon can be used in the kitchen and in the bar as an ingredient for salads and cocktails.

To adjust write-off by storages:

  1. Go to Access → Locations in the Management console.

  2. Click Edit next to the location’s name.

  3. In the Write off rules section select Configurate write-off by station.

  4. Select storages for each station so that the ingredients are written off from the correct storage.

  5. Click Save

Now the lemon will be written off from the “Bar” storage when you sell the cocktail and from the “Kitchen” storage when used in the salad.

☝️ By default, ingredients and products are written off the storage with their last supply or movement

💡 If there are several points of sale with the same menu in one location, you can adjust write-off by stations and registers. For example, if you have two bars with different registers: in the hall and on the terrace.

To do this, select Configurate write-off by station and register in the Write off section. Match registers and sections with the correct storages and save the changes.    

You can track kitchen and bar revenue in the stations sales report.

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