How to add ordering unit

How to add ordering unit

Use ordering units to add a supply of packaged goods on the storage faster. For example, if you supply bottle water by 12 pieces per package, you can specify the amount of packages and Poster will calculate bottles.

Before adding an ordering unit, create products and ingredients which will be in stock.

To create an ordering unit:

  1. Go to Inventory → Ordering units in the management console.

  2. Click Add.

  3. Write the name of the packaged product. For example, “Box of lemonade”.

  4. Select Unit and Quantity of the products in packing.

  5. Click Save.

Once ordering unit is created, add a supply.

To do it, write the amount of boxes in the field Quantity and price of the box in the field Price for piece. Save the supply and Poster will calculate the cost of one bottle in the box.

☝️ You can’t select products packing when adding supplies on the register. To add supplies by boxes or packages, add supply in the management console.

Set up low stock alert to see what products are running out of stock and make purchases on time.

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