How to add a supplier

How to add a supplier

Add suppliers to track the number and amount of supplies.

To add a supplier: 

  1. Go to Inventory → Suppliers in the management console. 

  2. Click Add

  3. In the name field enter supplier company name. 

  4. Enter EIN of supplier — 9 numbers. 

  5. Enter phone number and address and add a comment. 

  6. Click Save

💡 You can create a supplier during the supply of products to the storage. In Inventory → Supply click Add and choose Add new supplier from the drop-down list in the Supplier field. 

 💡 If you have worked with suppliers on credit terms, check your mutual settlements. To do this, in the Inventory → Supplies tab, view the statuses of supplies Paid, Unpaid and the amounts in the Payment due column.

 To pay off the debt, opposite the unpaid supply, click Edit and add a payment in the Payment field. After that, the amount will be automatically adjusted in the Finances → Transactions and Finances → Cash shifts tabs.

View the total amount of supplies for each supplier and the amount you owe to them in the Inventory → Suppliers tab.

To quickly add products to a storage location, use import supplies or scan ingredient barcodes.

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