How to disable the manufacturing of dishes

How to disable the manufacturing of dishes

If you need to write off ingredients instead of manufactured dishes from the storage when selling on the register, disable manufacturing.

To disable the manufacturing of a dish or a preparation:

  1. Go to Products → Dishes/Preparations in the management console.

  2. Find the dish, click ••• and select Disable manufacturing.

To disable manufacturing for all dishes:

  1. Go to Settings → General in the management console.

  2. Uncheck Use manufacturing of dishes and preparations

  3. Click Save.

☝️ You cannot transfer manufactured dishes and preparations between storages or supply them after manufacturing was disabled.

☝️ Manufactured dishes will be removed from the stock once manufacturing is disabled.

If you have manufactured dishes or preparations left, split them into ingredients. To do it, remove the dish from the manufactures list in Inventory → Manufacture.

View ingredients movements report to control stock deduction.



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