How to set up the discount-based loyalty program

How to set up the discount-based loyalty program

Set up the discount-based loyalty program to make your customers a discount. To do this, create customer groups, specify transferring conditions between discount groups and add customers to the customer list.

Add customer groups

Add customer groups to set up discount accounting. To add a customer group: 

  1. Go to Marketing → Customer groups in the management console. 

  2. Click Add

  3. Name a customer group. 

  4. Choose Discount system in Loyalty program field. 

  5. Enter discount percent, e.g. ”5%”

  6. Press Add.

💡 Set up different percentages for different customer groups. 

Transition conditions between discount groups

To increase discount percentage, set up automatic customers transition between discount groups.   

To set up transferring conditions between customer groups: 

  1. Go to Marketing → Loyalty

  2. In Discount-based program section enable The transition between groups

  3. In Transition conditions choose group from a drop-down list and add a sum of purchases. After reaching this sum customer will move to the next stage. 

  4. Click Add and add all of the stages with groups and sums of purchases. 

  5. Click Save.

☝️ After moving to a new group of customers, discount percent will increase with the next purchase. 

Customers registration

To let your customers take part in the discount-based loyalty program and receive discount depends on the sum of purchases add him as a customer. 

To add customers: 

  1. Go to Marketing → Customers in the management console. 

  2. Click Add

  3. Fill up the customer card and choose the group which meets discount size. 

  4. Click Add.

💡 Add new customers on the POS. To do this tap + in customer list window, fill up customer card and press Done


To make product or dish unavailable for discounts, add it as exclusion


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