How to make exclusions from promotions

How to make exclusions from promotions

Exclusions are products and categories of products which are not covered by discounts and payment with bonuses.

To choose products and categories which won’t be covered by discounts:

  1. Go to Marketing → Exclusions in management console .

  2. Choose categories of products from drop-down list in Excluded categories section.

  3. Press Add.

  4. Choose dishes and products that won’t be covered with discounts and payment with bonuses from drop-down list in Excluded products section.

  5. Press Add.

💡 Combine your dishes in category “Kitchen” and add it in the exclusions. Now all of your dishes in this category are not covered with discounts and you don’t need to select Can’t be discounted in each dish manually.

Exclusions are not a part of loyalty programs but they still can be a part of promotions.

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