How to use discount cards

How to use discount cards

To let your customers take part in loyalty programs, have a discounts or collect bonuses use discount cards with barcode or with magnetic stripe.


To identify customer faster and add his discount to order, read discount cards:

— cards with barcode — with tablet camera or Bluetooth scanner which is connected to tablet.

cards with magnetic strip — with card reader which is connected to Windows computer via USB.  


💡 We highly recommend to use barcodes in EAN-13 format.

To use discount cards with barcode:

  1. On your POS in open receipt press 📷 in the upper right corner.

  2. Scan card with barcode with your tablet’s camera or scanner.

  3. Press Pay.

To use discount cards with magnetic strip:

  1. On your POS in open order read the card with magnetic strip with card reader.

  2. Press Pay.

💡 To hide customer card with his personal data from waiter or cashier, change security settings in management console. To do this go to Settings → Security and check Add customer to order only after reading a magnetic card and save changes.


💡 If you read magnetic card which is already bound to customer card, discount will be added to order. If you read card which is not bound to customer, the new customer window will open automatically.


Add dishes and products to exclusions so they won’t be a part of discounts and cash-back rewards programs.

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