How to import customers and their bonuses

How to import customers and their bonuses

You can import customers with their bonuses in Poster. That is the fastest way to add your customers list.

💡 To get a table pattern, export customers and download the pattern. Delete examples of customer cards from pattern, fill up the columns and save file as CSV, XLS or XLSX. Then, make an import of table with customers data and their bonuses in Poster.

☝️ Create at least one group of customers, in order to make an import of customers list and set up discount and bonus programs.

To import customers and their bonuses:

  1. Go to Marketing → Customers in the management console.

  2. In the upper right corner press Import.

  3. Press Upload to choose table with customers on computer and upload it in Poster.

  4. Press Start import.

  5. Match fields of the customer cards with table columns.

  6. Press Check information.

  7. If it was finished successfully, press Make an import.

🚧 Soon you’ll be able to import data from a mobile version of your management console. And while we’re working on the update, you can upload a table with customers data from a web app.

Use discount cards to let your customers take part in loyalty programs, have discounts and save bonuses.

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