How to add a dish

Dishes are food and drinks that were cooked according to the recipe in your location. For example, creamy mushroom soup or blueberry smoothie.

Before adding dishes, add ingredients and preparations they consist of.

To add a dish:

  1. Open the tab Products → Dishes in the management console.

  2. Click Add dish.

  3. Enter the name, choose the category and station.

  4. Upload the picture or choose the color for the icon to display the dish on the register.

  5. Add ingredients and preparations the dish consists of. Enter gross and net weights.

  6. Enter the total price of the dish. Fields Cost and Markup would be calculated automatically after you add a supply.

  7. Click Save.

If you sell weighted dishes, choose Sold by ounce (price per 100 g) and put the price for 100 grams. When the waiter enters the weight on the register while selling, the final price will be automatically recalculated.

If you choose Can’t be discounted, the dish will not participate in your loyalty programs.

If you have several varieties of the same dish (size or ingredients), add modifiers to it.

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