How to add dish modifiers

Modifiers are extra ingredients, products, size or a cooking method. For example, a rib eye steak is a dish, while a steak degree of doneness and sauce are modifiers.

Dish modifiers are available for Business and Pro tariffs only.

To create a dish modifier:

  1. Open the tab Products → Dishes in the management console.

  2. Select the dish and click Edit.

  3. Click Add modifiers set in the Modifiers section.

  4. In the pop-up window enter the set name and specify how many modifiers can be chosen at the same time:

    — Only one option to choose from several. For example, pizza diameter, steak degree of doneness or coffee cup size.
    — Several options to choose on the register at the same time. For example, at least one sauce for a hot dog or up to ten toppings for an ice cream.
  5. Click Add.

  6. In the Ingredients field select:

    — Without waste for modifiers that indicate the method of preparation and don’t affect the waste of products from the storage. For example, a steak degree of doneness.
    — Extra preparations, ingredients, products or other dishes. For example, toppings for a pizza.
  7. Enter the modifier name, Brutto weight and price.

  8. Click Save.

💡 Use dish modifiers to offer guests a full fixed-price menu, hookahs and sushi sets.

Therefore, create dishes that consist of several products, preparations, ingredients or other dishes. Left their price fields blank and specify the Total price for the dish. For example, $10 breakfast deal.

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