How to add dish modifiers

How to add dish modifiers

Modifiers are the extra ingredients, products, size, or a cooking method in your dish. For example, rib-eye steak is a dish, while a degree of doneness and sauce are modifiers.

Dish modifiers are available in Business and Pro pricing plans.


To add a dish modifier:

  1. Go to Products → Dishes in the management console.

  2. Select a dish and click Edit.

  3. Click Add modifiers in the Modifiers section.

  4. Enter the set name and select how many modifiers can be chosen at the same time in the Adding a modifiers set pop-up window: — Only one to select one modifier option on the register. For example, coffee cup volume, pizza size or steak degree of doneness. — Several to select any number of modifiers on the register simultaneously. For example, at least one sauce for a hot dog or up to ten toppings for an ice cream.

  5. Click Add.

  6. In the Modifier field select: — Without waste to add modifiers that indicate the property of the dish or cooking method and don’t influence the stock deduction. For example, steak degree of doneness. — Preparations, ingredients, products or other dishes that will be added to the dish. For example, toppings for pizza or tobacco for hookah.

  7. Write modifiers names in the Name fields and enter gross weight and the price.

  8. Click Save.

💡 To speed up your waiters work on the POS, change the order of dish modifiers. 

Edit the dish in the management console and just drag and drop a line with a modifier to change its position. The new order of modifiers will be automatically displayed on your Point of Sale.

💡 Use dish modifiers to offer meal dinners with a fixed price, hookahs and roll sets to your guests. 

To do it, add dishes with several products, preparations, ingredients or other dishes. Leave their prices empty and enter the total price of the dish in Total. For example, breakfast for $5. 

☝️ You cannot add modifiers to a dish if this dish:

— is a part of modifiers set of other dishes;

— has participated in manufacture and ready-made dishes were written off the stock instead of ingredients;

— is a bonus product that customers get as a result of a promotion

☝️ If you delete the dish, it will be moved with its modifiers to the trash. Dishes are stored in the trash can for 30 days after being deleted.

Add dish modifiers to offer cooking options, serving size or toppings to your guests. 



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