How to add a barcode to products

How to add a barcode to products

Add barcodes to products to recognize them with a reader or tablet camera and add them to order faster. 

To add a barcode to a product:

  1. Go to Menu → Products in the management console. 

  2. Add a new product or press Edit near the existed product. 

  3. Write a 13-digit barcode number in the Barcode field. 

  4. Click Save

  5. Restart POS. To do this shutdown and run the app again.  

☝️ For weight products enter only the first 7 numbers of the barcode. The next 5 numbers is a weight in grams. Last number is a control number. Such receipts prints with ticket scales after product weighting.   

💡 To add products to the order faster tap 📷 in the right upper corner of the POS and read product barcode with reader or tablet camera. 

If you’re selling different species of one product add modifiers with barcodes.  



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