How to change your pricing plan

How to change your pricing plan

To enlarge the menu and connect additional modules to your Poster account, choose a more advanced pricing plan and upgrade it yourself in your management console.

☝️ Only the owner, manager or an employee with full access rights to the “Account settings” section in his assigned position can change the pricing plan.

To change your Poster pricing plan:

  1. Open the Settings → Billing tab in the management console.
  2. In the top right corner click Change your pricing plan.
  3. Select a new plan from the drop-down list and click Continue.
  4. Select method of plan recalculation:
    — pay the difference by card now if you have already paid for the subscription by bank transfer in the management console and ticked the box “Bind the card to make automatic payments”;
    — pay with the days of the current subscription;
    — change the amount of your next invoice if your account expires soon.
  5. Click Continue.

☝️ Contact us in chat to downgrade your pricing plan.

Our support team will check and inform you of Poster features that will become unavailable after the pricing plan is downgraded:


To better remember the date and amount of the next payment after recalculating your pricing plan, set up receiving reminders and pay for your subscription on time.

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