How to account working time of your employees

How to account working time of your employees

Account working hours of your employees to calculate their salary. To do this set up staff time tracking, start to control the beginning and the end of the working day and get more information about your employees shifts.

Setting up accounting of worked hours

Set up staff time tracking to start a shift automatically after your employee enters his PIN on the POS. 

To set up a staff time tracking: 

  1. Go to Settings → General in management console. 
  2. In Management settings section select Staff time tracking.
  3. Save your progress.

Control the beginning and the end of the working day

You can check the lateness and overtimes of your employees. Also, you could work with a flexible schedule in Poster and control actual worked time.

To control beginning and the end of the working day:

  1. Log in with employee PIN to start a staff shift. You’ll get a pop-up with sound signal after the shift starts. 
  2. At the end of the day in the right upper corner of your POS press and tap Finish shift. Check worked time in employee’s card and press Finish shift.

☝️ Poster tracks worked time only but not employee’s activity on the POS. 

Control information about employees staff shifts

Owner and hall manager can see, edit, finish and delete staff shifts of other employees. This lets you to control the staff time to avoid mistakes during payroll calculations.

To control information about staff shifts:

  1. Log in the POS as owner or manager. 
  2. In the right upper corner tap on and click All shifts.
  3. In Staff shifts window you can see all shifts and worked hours by days and by staff members:
    • green indicator shows started shift
    • grey indicator shows finished shift
  4. Open employee’s card to check staff time and press Finish shift.

💡 In Staff shifts window you could select:

  • Started shift: press on the Shift start to edit the time your employee has got to work;
  • Finished shift: press Remove shift to delete this shift. If you’ve deleted shift by mistake, press Cancel.   

You can check your waiters sales and staff worked time.

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