How to add service charge

How to add service charge

Set up fixed service charge percent and Poster will automatically recount total sum of order with service charge included.  

To add service charge:

  1. Go to Settings → General in management console.

  2. Choose Service charge percentage from drop-down list. For example, 10%.

  3. Press Save.

  4. Reload your POS. To do it, close and reopen Poster application.

  5. In open receipt press ••• in lower left corner.

  6. Choose Service charge to recount Total sum of order with service charge included.

💡 If your location always rates the service charge fee, Poster will automatically apply it to every new order.

To do this, go to SettingsGeneralPoint of Sale settings, select Apply service charge by default and save changes.

💡  You can add taxes to service charge if you’ve set up taxes accounting.

To do this, go to Settings → General and choose tax from Service charge tax drop-down list.

💡If cashier or waiter has added service charge by mistake press ••• in lower left corner of the open receipt and choose Remove service charge.

To accept payment with cash, card or gift card, you can choose payment method in open receipt.

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