How to add a transaction on the register

How to add a transaction on the register

Add a transaction on the register when you put or take cash from the cash drawer. There are three types of transactions in Poster: expense, income and safe drop.

Expense is the cost of the electricity used, rent or salaries.

Income is a deposit of cash to the cash drawer.

Safe drop is a transfer of daily proceeds between “Cash drawer” and “Safe deposit” account.

 To add a transaction on the register:

  1. Click at the upper right corner of the screen and select Add transaction.

  2. Select a type of transaction: Expense, Income or Safe drop.

  3. Enter the transaction amount and write a comment.

  4. Click Done.

💡 You can view all transactions that were added on the register or in the management console in Finances → Transactions.

☝️ If you add a transaction on the register, it will be automatically assigned to the “Cash shift” category. You can change category in Finances → Cash shifts in the management console. Click on the cash shift to view expense and income transactions.

You can view expenses and incomes for each category of transactions in the cashflow.

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