How several Points of sale are synchronized in your location

If your waiters are working on several POS at once, all the receipts will be synchronized automatically. That means, that all open orders of all of the waiters will be shown on each tablet, and tables on the floor map will be marked with different colors:

grey means vacant table;

blue means that the order on this table was open by the logged in waiter, whose name will be shown in the upper right corner of the POS;

purple means that the order was open by  another waiter, whose name will appear on the table, this order can’t be edited.

All data about receipts will be uploaded from the POS on our server first, than it’ll sync to other POS in the location, to the management console and to Poster Boss application.

☝️ If indicator’s color in the right upper corner changed to grey, than POS are not synchronized with each other, management console and Poster Boss. This happens when Internet connection is lost or tablet is not connected to Wi-Fi.    

☝️ In order not to loose all of the sales data, don’t clear cache and don’t delete application before connection will be re-established. Orders, which were accepted by your waiter during being offline will be saved on the POS and after re-establishing Internet connection will be automatically synchronized with other employees POS, management console and Poster Boss.  

Check staff time of each employee and their sales statistics.

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