How to accept order payments with e-Wallet

To make a prepayment or non-cash settlement without actual cards at office canteens, resorts or hotels, you can use e-Wallets. For example, there are cases when parents don’t want to give the child cash for lunch in the cafeteria. Instead, they top up the e-Wallet at Poster to use this money to pay for lunch at school.

All you need to do is to enable e-Wallet, top up the customer’s account and accept the payment with e-Wallet.

☝️ e-Wallet is available in Business and Pro subscription plans all around the world except Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Poland, and Armenia.

e-Wallet setup

To enable e-Wallet:

  1. Open the tab Marketing → Customer groups in the management console.

  2. Add bonus or discount customer group or click Edit next to the existing one.  

  3. Check Customers of this group can have e-Wallet balance.

  4. Click Save.

e-Wallet top up

☝️ You can’t top up your e-Wallet from the customer card at the management console. To transfer the funds (cash or non-cash) to the customer’s e-Wallet, top up e-Wallet from the point of sale.

To top up e-Wallet:

  1. Click the % button in the lower left-hand corner of the order window.  

  2. Select the customer from the list and click Top up in the field e-Wallet balance.

  3. Enter the amount and click: 

    — Top up with cash and put cash into the cash drawer. Poster will add an income transaction to the cash shift;
    — Top up with card and pay using payment terminal. After this, the transaction “e-Wallet top up” will appear automatically in the tab Finances → Transactions.
  4. Click Done.

Use e-Wallet for order payment

If the customer topped up their account and wants to use it, accept the payment using e-Wallet.  

To pay with e-Wallet:

  1. Add needed customer to the order and click Pay.

  2. At the payment window choose Use e-Wallet.

  3. Click Pay.

💡 If you delete receipt, which the customer paid with an e-Wallet, the written-off amount will be returned to his account.

View payment reports to figure out how often your customers pay with e-Wallets.

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