How to split receipt between guests

Split order into several receipts to separate payments from the guests or choose different payment methods.  

To split receipt between guests:

  1. On POS in the open receipt press ••• in the lower left corner.

  2. Choose Split receipt.

  3. Press near dishes and beverages which were ordered by the second guest. A Number in the circle will change to . Now all dishes of the first guest are marked with and dishes of the second guest marked with .

  4. Press Split order into 2 orders.

  5. Press Receipt # in the upper part of the screen to choose receipts and accept payment from guests separately.

☝️ Receipts with promotional products and dishes couldn’t be split.

💡 To restrict splitting receipt only for manager, set up manager’s password request in management console.

To do this go to Settings → Security and choose Always in When splitting an order and save the changes.

💡If guest wants to pay part of order with cash and part with card, split order into several receipts. For example, salad will be paid with cash in receipt #1, coffee and dessert with card in receipt #2.

To accept payment with cash, card or gift cards choose payment method.

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