How to split receipt between guests

How to split receipt between guests

Split order into several receipts to separate payments from the guests or choose different payment methods.  

To split receipt between guests:

  1. On POS in the open receipt press ••• in the lower left corner.

  2. Choose Split receipt.

  3. Press near dishes and beverages which were ordered by the second guest. A Number in the circle will change to . Now all dishes of the first guest are marked with and dishes of the second guest marked with .

  4. Press Split order into 2 orders.

  5. Press Receipt # in the upper part of the screen to choose receipts and accept payment from guests separately.

☝️ Receipts with promotional products and dishes couldn’t be split.

💡 To restrict splitting receipt only for manager, set up manager’s password request in management console.

To do this go to Settings → Security and choose Always in When splitting an order and save the changes.

💡If guest wants to pay part of order with cash and part with card, split order into several receipts. For example, salad will be paid with cash in receipt #1, coffee and dessert with card in receipt #2.

To accept payment with cash, card or gift cards choose payment method.

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