How to reprint a closed receipt

How to reprint a closed receipt

View closed orders history on the register and print receipts from the archive.  

To print a closed receipt:

  1. Click P on top of the register to open the order archive.

  2. Select the date and find the receipt by its number.

  3. Open the receipt and click Receipt to print it.

💡 The color indicator next to receipts helps to find closed orders in the archive faster:

white specifies unprinted receipts;

green means that the receipt was printed.

💡 Set the manager’s password request in the management console so that closed receipts could be reprinted only by the hall manager. To do it, select Always in View orders history in the Settings → Security tab and save changes.

If the waiter select cash payment for a receipt paid by card or gift card by mistake, you can change the payment method in the closed receipt


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