How-to make a table reservation

Book tables for your customers. They will appreciate the opportunity to guaranteed have a dinner in their favorite place to eat and you, in turn, will be able to monitor and analyze how busy the hall is.

A table reservation is available for Pro tariff only and can be applied:

— on iOS 11 devices and above;

— on all Android tablets;

— on Poster app for Windows.

To make a table reservation:

  1. Click at the upper right corner and select Add new reservation.

  2. Set the date, time, guest count and duration of reservation.

  3. Then enter the guest name and phone number.

  4. In the field Group select the customer bonus group. If you don’t have customer groups yet, then go to the section Marketing → Customer groups.

  5. Add a comment with a customer request and any extra information about reservation. For example, “highchair” or “flower vase”.

  6. Click Choose table and select the table on the floor plan.

💡 To quickly accept the reservation order, select the table on the floor plan and click + Add new reservation.

View, confirm and cancel your reservation on the reservation calendar:

  1. Click at the upper right corner and select Reservations.

  2. In the tab Diagram you can see the schedule of free and reserved tables per hour: 

    It displays the time of reservation, customer name and the guest count.            
    To confirm or cancel reservation, open the reservation card.
  3. In the tab List you can view the schedule of reserved tables, contact details and customer requests.

Control the reservation statistics by each hall and table.

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