What is fiscalisation?

In the strict sense, fiscalisation is the process of sealing a cash register up at a service center. However, often the whole process of sending your sales data to the inland revenue inspection is called fiscalisation too. It’s initiated by the government to control entrepreneurs that get payed in cash. Fiscal printers and cash registers are used for this purpose.

Fiscal printer

Fiscal printer is a receipt printer that has a specific microchip, a modem and flash memory storage inside. When you sell anything with your POS software, the fiscal register prints a receipt and sends the information about the sale to the inland revenue inspection via mobile communication (the modem inside has a built-in GSM module) and writes sold goods and sale time onto the flash storage.

Cash register

Cash register is a fiscal printer that you can’t connecto to any POS software. You need to input all your sales on a register manually. Often you need to set it up before using: connect it to a PC and load all your goods and prices into the register. This is very inconvenient if you want to change a price or add a good quickly. Furthermore, cash registers don’t show you any statistics and revenue reports.

Who needs a fiscal printer?

Until recently using a fiscal printer was obligatory only for entrepreneurs who sell excise goods (alcohol, tobacco). According to Ukrainian Parliament’s resolution from Dec 28th 2014 all III taxation group entrepreneurs have to use fiscal printers, whether they sell alcohol or not, since July 1st 2015, and II taxation group entrepreneurs — since Jan 1st 2016 (for those of them who reach 1m hrn in revenue). Moreover, those entrepreneurs who start using a fiscal printer before Jun 30th 2015 will be exempt from fiscal examination till Jan 1th 2017.

В России фискальный регистратор нужен предпринимателям, которые продают товары подлежащие лицензированию. На территории Москвы и Санкт-Петербурга фискальный регистратор нужен всем предпренимателям, которые ведут наличный расчет.

Если вы хотите работать с фискальным регистратором в других странах, напишите нам на contact@joinposter.com.

How do I set up a fiscal printer?

Buy a fiscal printer or a cash register from a dealer in your city.
Visit your inland revenue inspection and file an application for fiscal printer registration. During two days inland revenue inspection will hand you a reference about reserving a fiscal number for you.
During 5 days you need to seal up the printer in any service center.

How does Poster work with fiscal printers?

With Poster setting a fiscal printer up will take you no longer than 10 minutes. To accomplish this you will need a specific device PosterBox. This is our firmware which works as a medium between a tablet, a router, and a fiscal printer. Connect PosterBox to the router using a LAN-cable. Connect the fiscal printer to PosterBox using USB-cable. Turn PosterBox on. Now you only need to discover PosterBox from iOS, Android or web app.

If you have a fiscal printer with COM interface, we’ll send a COM→USB converter. Poster works with all commonly used fiscal printers in Ukraine and with Atol fiscal printers in Russia. Full list of supported models »


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