Manage your business from anywhere around the world

Poster management panel is accessible in the browser by your login and password from any computer, tablet or phone. You can see your sales and manage your venue from any spot with internet connection on Earth.

Make right decisions

Poster analyzes all your receipts and demonstrates useful charts and reports to you. Explore your most profitable goods, waiters and even days of week. Then improve your performance and make more money.

Clear and extensive reports

Poster has a number of reports: sales, profit, receipts, guest count, average check, sales through daytime and days of week. All of these parameters can be grouped by venues, waiters, customers, workshops, goods and categories, payment methods.

Secure storage for your data

Our servers are located in Germany. We make automatic backups three times a day. Management panel uses secure HTTPS protocol. This means that even when you use public Wi-Fi spot noone can steal your password.

Cash shifts

Control the cash discipline in your venue. Waiters enter the amount at the beginning of the shift and add incomes and expenses during the day.

Taxes management

Set flexible taxes (including value added tax) for different categories of goods. Poster will automatically count taxes amount you need to pay for a certain period.

Franchise version

Include Poster into your franchise contract. Your franchisee will use a separate Poster account and will have their own price policy, operating activity. And you will be able to inspect their key performance indicators.


Fast and convenient way to manage your menu or catalogue

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